Spring is on her way! Early-flowering bulbs are starting to fill the beds and borders; leaves are unfurling, and insects are waking up. It’s time to enjoy the first warmth of the sun on your back – but beware the night time frosts!

Preparation is key this month. Prepare beds for sowing; organise the greenhouse; buy in new seed compost and order seeds if not done so already.

  • Hard-prune roses and clear away lingering dead leaves to clear away remaining black-spot spores.
  • Give established roses, herbaceous plants, climbers and bulbs a spring feed with garden compost. If you only have farm manure, make sure it’s well-composted, use at half the rate of garden compost, and keep away from plant stems. Fork in lightly, or just leave on the soil surface and let soil creatures take it down.
  • Whatever you plant this month, tree, shrub, or perennial, don’t over-feed. A couple of handfuls of garden compost in the planting hole is enough, plus a light mulch around the newly-planted.
  • Hoe weeds on sight, especially annual weeds before they can seed.
  • If a frost is forecast, be sure to protect any tender plants.