May is a wonderful month in the garden. Blossom is everywhere, spilling over fences or festooning roadside trees, but the greatest moment of joy for plant lovers is that moment when the first rose blooms. With their fragrance and colour, roses are the starting signal for the opening act of the summer garden. The rose is the queen of flowers and should never be absent from the garden.

Climbing roses, stem roses, shrub roses, spray roses … There are so many different types, colours and sizes that they can find a place in any garden. It is also easy to create the atmosphere you want with roses. For a cheerful garden, you can combine a spectrum of different coloured roses or, if you would prefer a garden that is brimming with luxury and comfort, white roses are always a great choice. Or, if you want to go for a wilder look, ground cover spray roses and single-flowered roses create a suitably naturalistic effect.
Whichever rose you choose, most species love a place in the sun. Planting roses is a simple job. Remove the plant from its pot, loosen the root ball, dig a hole and put the rose in it. Fill the hole with a mixture of compost and soil and add a generous swig of water. Remember that roses are hungry plants, which is why you need to feed them every year in March and July.