Three flowers, three ways of remembering the Great War: the French Bleuet, the British Poppy and the German Vergissmeinnicht. Each of these flowers became the symbol of a nation’s remembrance towards its veterans.

The cornflower:

Nickname of the French soldiers coming back from the trenches of the Great War wearing their new uniform bleu horizon, the cornflower became in France the expression of memory and solidarity towards the veterans.


This flower was chosen both for its meaningful name and as a plant symbolizing peace (same meaning in German, “Vergissmeinnicht “meaning “forget-me-not “)

The Poppy:

Chosen in reference to J. McCrae’s poem in Flanders’s Fields, the poppy is the remembrance flower for the Commonwealth countries. This flower, that grew again after the battles, reminded by its colour, the blood of the soldiers who fell in the line of duty