The dandelion is usually regarded as a nuisance but in the past has been used for the treatment of the liver, kidney,   blood disorders and some older country folk say that it will ease rheumatic pain. In medieval Latin its name was dens leonis ( lion’s tooth) and this became dent-de-lion in French.

It is without doubt an efficient diuretic, many of the common names reflect this such as peeabed, pissimire,           piss-a- bed and mess-a-bed.

Dandelion wine has a good flavour and steel workers at one time drank  gallons of dandelion beer because of the heat. The leaves were and are still used in salads. The leaves contain a bitter-tasting compound called taxative which can be used as a laxative.

In Russia the milky latex is extracted from the stems and a good-quality rubber is produces,