18 11, 2018

November in the Garden

November 18th, 2018|

1.    November is the traditional time to plant deciduous trees and shrubs. 2.    Prune and/or train deciduous trees to keep them growing in the desired direction. 3.    Mulch bare vegetable areas to prevent winter rain from washing nutrients out of the soil. You should also mulch over dormant perennials to protect them from winter cold. [...]

9 11, 2018

Remembering the Great War:

November 9th, 2018|

Three flowers, three ways of remembering the Great War: the French Bleuet, the British Poppy and the German Vergissmeinnicht. Each of these flowers became the symbol of a nation’s remembrance towards its veterans. The cornflower: Nickname of the French soldiers coming back from the trenches of the Great War wearing their new uniform bleu horizon, [...]